Wendy Law, CCT, CNC


Master’s in Elementary Education, Minor in Reading and Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, CCT ( Level 2 Thermographic Imaging), CNC (Certified Nutrional Counselor),  Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, Certified Herbs and Supplements, Certified in ImPact Concussion Testing, Certified Healthy Eating for Weight Loss, Certified Weight Loss, Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified In PRP Facial Application, Trained Phlebotomy, Certified Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 1.3,  Certified LBC, DBC,  Co-Owner and  Operator of YOLLO Wellness

Wendy's Story:

I was born in Upstate New York.  I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with minors in Science & Reading, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education.  One year after graduating, a tragic accident changed my life, my plans, my family and friends forever.  I was struck, head on, while in a motor vehicle by a drunk driver and drug addict. He was traveling over 80 mph. The trauma team at Upstate University did all they could on the eve of Christmas to restore my life. The left side of my face was broken into many pieces, teeth shattered, spleen ruptured, several broken ribs, right femur, heal and foot shattered and a 4-inch tear in my descending aortic artery.  The amount of injury caused to the organs and cells from the impact was immeasurable. It took eighteen hours on the operating table to try to piece back my organs and limbs.  I left the final step in God’s hands.  I was given a 2% chance to pull through; not very good odds.  Three counties that stretched over 75 miles in all directions lit candles and prayed for my recovery.  Eight days later, I opened my eyes to a different world, a different life, and a different person.  The operations were far from over.  What the trauma team did in the first eighteen hours was to patch me up.  Now the real nuts and bolts, stitches and staples and repair work was just beginning.  There was one special doctor doing his residency at the time that was the first one to the hospital and he saved my life.  Point blank,  I am forever grateful to Dr. Vuocolo.

So what does one think or do from here?  I was told I wouldn’t walk again, I wouldn’t have children and by the time I was 40 years of age “if” I did walk, I would regress so rapidly that I would not be functioning. (Rule #1- don’t listen to other people before you have the opportunity to TRY).  Several operations later on my leg and foot were not promising.  I still couldn’t walk.  Within all this chaos, a very nice young man got my attention and spirits up. (Rule #2- you need a distraction). The nice young man asked me to marry him?  Now what crazy guy would want a broken girl to love and cherish?  So now I had a goal!  I wanted to walk down the isle to this man that believed so deeply in what I was capable of doing. (Rule #3 - you need goals).  So with that said, I enrolled back into college to work on my master’s degree, spent every waking hour studying and doing physical therapy.  Insurance would only pay for one visit a week, so 90% of my routine was done at home on my own.  This was nearly thirty years ago so there were no IV therapies, Stem Cell Therapies, Hyperbaric Treatments, or physicians that would dare to think outside the box in my little county area in Upstate NY.  My grandfather would cook organic soups for me, pick dandelion greens and make me egg frittatas.  My dad would go to the streams and pick greens growing and make me food from those.

I did walk down the aisle fifteen months later.  I did have two beautiful healthy girls - Amber and Paige.  I did get back into teaching and coaching.  It was a struggle every day, but I never gave up.  However, waking up in the morning started to become a struggle.  Going from hour to hour in the day was a struggle.  We took a road trip back to see the young resident doctor that now had his own practice.  He diagnosed me with Mono, Epstein Barr and Cytomegalovirus.  It caused my liver to get very angry.  He suggested I get on a plane to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  For three years we had to return every six months for tests.  After that, I returned once a year.  Finally, on the sixth year, it was determined that I have tidbits of a lot of diseases and viruses, all in the autoimmune family, and could all possibly lead to a couple of different types of cancers.  One might say this was a diagnosis.  For me, being told there was nothing that can be done except rest, was horrifying.  I just wanted to be a good mom, a good wife and return to teaching.

My husband had an idea to visit Florida and see how the weather would make me feel.  My body agreed with Florida, so we moved down here in 2005.  I had more better days than not so better days.  I was still sleeping a lot and the pain was so unbearable at times that all I did was sleep for hours at a time. (Rule # 4- Don’t do drugs).  Did I mention that once I was released from the hospital I never took one pain reliever?  The reason was because I don’t think there was one that would ever get rid of what I was feeling, so why go there?  Don’t get me wrong, the pain was above a 10, but I learned to ignore it the best I could.  

Eleven years later, while sitting on a plane heading to Georgia for my youngest daughter's soccer tournament, as my daughter Paige came down the aisle, the lady next to me said “Oh that poor player with the boot on.”  I said,"That’s my daughter. She takes it off to play and then it goes back on. There is a nerve issue in her leg".  The lady handed me a note with a name of a doctor in Georgia that could help her.  I thought, "Yeah, who has that time or money?"  When I got to the hotel room, curiosity got the best of me, so I logged onto the computer and read about this doctor.  He had hyperbaric oxygen chambers.  I called and left them a voicemail as being the weekend they were not in.  I got a call two hours later...on the weekend.  The kind and caring person on the other end just wanted to help us and thought it was crazy that no one in Fort Myers or surrounding counties had hyperbaric.  I said they have the deeper dive chambers but they won’t let us use them because they only took insurance.  We ended up making an appointment for both daughters because my other daughter, Amber was battling a concussion that just wasn’t going away.  Two weeks later we were at Synergy Release Sports in Alpharetta, Georgia where the fork in the road takes place.  Not only was Paige healed in 3 sessions, Amber felt much better as well.

Speeding up the story, we purchased a hyperbaric chamber and starting working with Dr. Chance Wunderlich in Cape Coral Florida.  It was keeping him busy; too busy for the way he ran his office, so we brought the chamber home.  You’re probably asking yourself if I had used the chamber yet.  The answer was "no".  I was afraid.  I was afraid to give up any hour I may have in a day and feel worse.  After walking past it for several days in the living room, I finally bit the bullet.  In I went.  Talk about a game changer!  My life was changing for the better and I was so hopeful again.  I started to read the “WHY” behind healing and oxygen.  My husband and I attended ACAM training and talked to a company who manufactured chambers.  They gave lists of doctors names and this went on and on for a year.  My husband said I think I figured out what you’re supposed to be doing.  You should be sharing your story and helping other people with hyperbaric oxygen.  Now this was the second time someone said this to me.  When I left teaching, the Headmaster said to me that he thought I was to be teaching in a “different” way.  I should become a writer and share my story.  I thought that was crazy because I still wasn’t even feeling at what I measured to be 75%.  I agreed to a couple of days a week, a couple of chambers, and I would get my certification in Nutrition and Thermography so we could use a holistic approach for clients. Everything I was learning I was applying  to myself and I was getting better.  It was crazy.  The better I felt, the more people I could help!

We are now in our third (and final) location.  I have the most amazing medical director, Dr. Gardner, that believes in my business, and he believes in me.  His staff of 70 and growing, loves my business and are very loving and supportive people.  The facility is so beautiful and I feel like this was in God’s plan.  I’ll never forget the first day I was open for business in this new location.  I walked into the Hyperbaric room and this feeling of relief poured through me.   I couldn’t hold back the tears because I felt too thankful and at home.  I was finally home…

I continue to educate and learn.  I continue to network with the medical field.  I AM NOT MEDICAL nor do I claim to be. I have certifications and anything that requires medical attention is under medical advisement.  (Rule # 5 - Finding your purpose) is not easy.  I spent half my life on a journey to get here.  I am so passionate about what I do and how I do it.  Your visits to YOLLO Wellness (You Only Live LIFE Once) is an experience that starts the second you walk through the door and continues after you leave.  My daughter’s (and Co-Owners) came up with the name because I would tell them all the time you only have ONE God given opportunity here on earth, so make decisions with that in mind.  Love the choices you make and learn what your purpose is.

Now that I have shared my purpose for YOLLO WellnessI hope you will entrust in me to help you make better decisions so you, too, can restore your health, improve it and maintain it, so you can live life to the fullest!


The Next Chapter

Fast forward to 2019…

My routine is “My” blood work every six months (food testing, micro nutrient testing, hormone, thyroid, CBC), Hyperbaric twice a week and the Magnesphere chair 2-3 times per month, and a full body DITI (Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging) once per year.

Three years ago, my primary doctor caught me at a good time.  Meaning, I was a hot mess.  He immediately called Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville to have me re-evaluated in the oncology and hematology department.  Good news was that there was no cancer.  Good news was we solved part of the mystery of what is really going on in my blood.  So, when my body comes in contact with a virus, it multiplies 10,000 times faster than in a healthy body.  With that said, with no spleen and a weak immune system that’s where it can land me in bed.

At this point I bumped up my plan.  I increased my CoQ10 to 200 mg a day, changed my vitamin C to liposomal, changed the form of glutathione I am taking, and incorporated elderberry & kava into my routine.  Remember, I also use a regimen of “other” anti-fungal and candida herbs every three months as well as what my blood test results point me to.

May 2018 brought about some havoc.  I was hit by a car again, but this time from behind at a stop light.  It caused severe whiplash and my ankle to regress.  It took about eight weeks to get the whiplash under control  by my awesome Chiropractor who has awesome machines for that type of injury.  But my ankle I am afraid, has been “pushed” to its limit with that impact.  I’m in the process of weighing my options for a more permanent fix - fusion, replacement or amputation.  This chapter is to be written later.

The reason I share my journey is because I have created my business to reach people like you.  I say like you because you are taking the time to read this, which tells me you are seeking answers for you or someone you love.

I do not take a pay check.  Every penny I take in pays the expenses and one part time employee.  I have two volunteers who are very crucial to the day-to-day operating procedures.  We touch a lot of lives and aim to educate as many people as we can.  We see what works.  We also see what doesn’t work.  We know you must heal your mind, body and spirit and be willing to make changes for changes to take place.

Love The LIFE You Live- You Only Live Life Once!



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