What is Watt-Ahh?

Watt-Ahh® is new water based on a new patent pending process that reforms and polarizes it the way nature intended.  All other water, tap water, well water, filtered water, distilled water, and R.O. water is used recycled water.  Watt-Ahh® is Polarized Water designed to stimulate the metabolism by dissolving metabolites in your blood to keep you healthy, energized, and to minimize the aging process.  More discussion on the proprietary technology and licensing can be found on the website for WIT International LLC by visiting 



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Watt-Ahh®, Ultra-pure Polarized Water, is produced from a new Technology licensed by LSG Partners, L.L.C.   Our mutual mission is to continue to perform clinical studies to quantify the benefits of Watt-Ahh® and SG Gas or hydroxyhydrogen gas that is infused into ultra-pure water to create Watt-Ahh® (also identified herein as SG Gas-infused Water or Ultra-pure Polarized Water).  The following is a summary of studies completed to date and we recommend that you check back on a regular basis as we will continue to post the results of additional studies and clinical trend trials.  For more information on the science behind Watt-Ahh®, please visit the website for our R&D Company, WIT International, L.L.C., www.WaterIonTechnologies.com.

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"My wife, Mary, went for spinal surgery in August 2010.  The Surgeon said that she would only be in the hospital one night, be 1-1/2” taller and be home the next day.  The surgery did not go well.  She may have been allergic to the anesthesia. She was completely spaced out with amnesia and left the hospital after eight days.  She went to rehab and was diagnosed with aphasia and was given several prescribed medications before settling on two prescribed medicines intended to slow memory loss and reduce mental confusion."

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Watt-ahh will be offered at our family owned and operated restaurant just around the corner from YOLLO, at Maverick Grille, 4480 Fowler Street Fort Myers, Florida 33901.  You can place the orders direct with Wendy at (239)896-6097 to ensure your supply.


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