YOLLO Wellness Patient Testimonials



Mark Bost
Speed & Agility Trainer

"After two spinal surgeries that included plates and screws over the last several years, the hyperbaric treatments were the key to a full recovery and allowing me to return to an active lifestyle.  I recommend HBOT as a highly effective treatment plan."

Paige Law
Soccer Player

"HBOT allowed me to be one step ahead of the other players on the soccer field. I had more endurance and more strength than my opponents."

Bill Davey

Former Mr. America

"HBOT repaired my cell and tissue for a quicker recovery after my surgery. When I work out, I tear muscle down. Only was for a faster repair for optimal work out is to get OXYGEN to the muscles."


"I have been going to YOLLO Wellness Center for a few months now. I had a full body DITI scan to show blood circulation and I used hyperbaric oxygen treatments. I am very thankful for the treatments at YOLLO Wellness Center. Thank you very much!"

Haley Pigott
L.C. Strikers Soccer Player

"I play club soccer at Lee County Strikers, along with high school soccer, Florida State Olympic Development Program and run track at ECS. Playing soccer so often I have had multiple injuries.  I use HBOT before college showcases and I've been able to recover faster and play at a higher level.  One of my injuries I had two tears in my quad which is a 4 week recovery.  I got in the oxygen chamber every day for two weeks and my recovery time was cut in half!  Thank you so much YOLLO for all of your  help."

Tennis Player

"When I went to you for HBOT for a month, I was never so healthy or felt as good. YOLLO showed me I could feel great every day! You guys are the best and really cared that I recovered from all my injuries. Thanks so much."

Garth & Jennifer Carter

Massage Therapists

"We both heard about YOLLO from two different sources. We discussed how beneficial this would be for the athletes and clients we worked on decided to try it out for ourselves. Both being Licensed Massage Therapists and helping others heal, manage pain and injuries on a variety of levels felt the same and understood what detoxing would mean in this process. We did add live blood cell analysis and found how much we really needed to change our diet some more and add different supplements. After doing the ALCAT we made more dietary changes. It's a slow process, overall totally worth the time if you compare to the time that health problems/unnecessary medical conditions doctor visits would take!  We both feel better and our skin is much more vibrant (without expensive creams) and elasticity is improved! We have both been active in Pilates for spinal and overall body balance and we're committing to Cross Fit for 90 days starting in September. Hyperbaric has changed our lives in how we look at total body health, preventative health and what it means to truly recover in various activities we participate in. We even bought our own chamber! Thank you YOLLO for helping us get even closer to our living healthy naturally goal!"


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