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Relax in a comfortable chair inside the Magnesphere activating every nucleus of every cell in your body. Coupled copper coils create a magnetic field which harmonizes with your body. Enter a new spirit gravity as you sit back and relax in a transcending experience, which realigns each of your body’s natural energy centers.

Holistic Healing Benefits include:
• Transcendental healing experience
• Realign out of balance energies
• Awaken spiritually as you relax physically and mentally
• Put the spring back in your step after only a couple sessions
• Allow your body to activate its own natural healing processes via magnetic resonance
• Improve balance- coupled copper coils create an elevating magnetic field
• Target pain- each 30-60 minute sessions specifically target pain, stiffness and stress
• Reduce Stress- allow yourself to enter a state of deep meditation as the Magnesphere’s electromagnetic polarity permeates each molecule of your body.
• Better sleep- synergized magnetic resonance treats insomnia and restores natural biorhythms
• Aid focus and sharpen your attention by restoring your body’s natural balance mechanisms

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